Friday, Wine & Weekend!

Common wisdom among all of us (stuck in a 9 to 5 lifecycle) - Friday's come as a wave of great relief, while Monday's bring a whole lot of anxiety!

Anticipation of a long 48 hours R&R is medicinal enough to stir up Dopamine production in the frontal cerebral cortex and hence the excitement. The production can be esp. off the charts, if your kindless PM, made you destroy a couple of past weekends.

Mix in a couple of glasses of wine and we have a potent mix of relief & satisfaction. The next 90 minutes of commute are a mere non-issue, of course remember to catch the train in time.


Celeb's in DC & I

Working in downtown DC lends itself to rare obscure (not mainstream) Celebrity sighting. Past 2 years of lunch time or coffee break jaunts have presented people like Thomas Friedman, Bob Schieffer and Frankie Hejduk. One can only speculate, why these people are kind of obscure, which brings up the possibility that I might have seen many many more but not recognized, probably because of my limited info of who's who, and plain old habit of not reading or knowing enough. (is what I thought)

I would not have known that Frankie was a soccer "super star" in the US, playing for the US National team, had it not been for the friend & colleague, accompanying me, being a huge soccer fan. Her excitement was infectious and Frankie was gracious enough to talk to us and get his picture taken with her.

While all this was going on, yours truly, was truly confused. I had no clue as to the etiquette in front of celebrities. Should I, at least, pretend to be excited or pretend to not know what soccer is and why people make celebrities out of soccer players or show a passing interest. The last option made sense intuitively, so I ended up mumbling something like "I just watch soccer finals, only if it's Confederation, UEFA or FIFA, so I apologize if I fail to recognize you". (Intelligent hmmm!)

I was sought of shaken "but not stirred" from the experience, because I didn't know what to make of it. While kicking myself for missing the opportunity of a photo Op, I had my "look out for celebrities" senses on high alert for rest of the evening and "voila" I spotted Joe Biden's wife at the station.

Realization hit - that celebrity siting is related more to the TV channels, I watch, than what I read - MSNBC, CBS are proofs of the fact that the people I recognize show up on these channels often. Makes me wonder if I should expand my horizon and watch ESPN more!



I probably belong to a lineage that probably connects straight to the missing link. why?
I cannot multi-task unlike the multitude of "homo sapiens" comfortably concentrating their brains in multiple activities.

Work today was a carbon copy snapshot of any other day - struggling to handle multiple tasks. A short algorithm on To-Day: Reach Office-Land straight into a Meeting-Dire scenario created on the status of project by those who believe anything not done their way is probably bound for disaster - result: multiple tasks assigned, generated pushing everyone a bit a closer to the brink of hopelessness - take the list to your desk - regurgitate meeting notes-time for next meeting - more tasks generated - more hopeless - 

This cycle of meetings - tasks - hopelessness - combined with my ability to JUST uni-task takes on the impression of a self fulfilling prophecy! 

3 weeks to CD deadline, Godspeed!


Consolidating My Digital Media

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This latest edition to my Apple gear is beyond par. Finally , all digital media that were once prisoners of my local drive now stream flawlessly to the Home Theater. Yes! and that includes Music/Photos/Video. Life at this point, can't seem to get any better.

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Add to Your Shopping List - Home Kitchen Compost

NatureMill Pro

Now this sounds like the way to go. Though Pricey, I have already added this to my wish list. It's just a matter of budgeting for it one of these months :)
I love the concept of diverting all that Organic waste from land fills and doing my part in guilt reduction. Hope people reading this feel the same. Check out the exact workings of this at "NatureMill PRO Indoor Composter"

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